KJK Hospital Patient Stories - IVF, IUI, & Other Infertility Treatment Success Stories

Patient Stories

Sherin and I had got married in 2008 but she was not able to conceive. So initially we had visited a local Hospital where she had conceived naturally but ended up having an abortion

Later since 2015 we started our treatment at KJK Hospital. Now after my wife’s undergoing multiple  IVF treatments , we are glad to say that we were blessed with Triplets in August 2018. Our babies are now two years old and counting.
Our heartfelt thanks to Dr.K Jayakrishnan, Dr.Deepthi and the rest of the staff who have brought bundles of joy to us through their team effort🙏!

Mrs Jisha and Mr Rajeev (name changed) were trying for a second child, for 9 unsuccessful years. Their first child was also conceived at KJK.

They underwent IUI at Kjk and conceived in the first attempt. Their older son was thrilled to hear that he was going to be a big brother to twins!

Mrs Jisha delivered twin girls at KJK this month.

We wish the  happy family good health and happiness always!

Krishnapriya and family with their newborn daughter born after frozen embryo transfer

Dear Dr. Jaya Krishnan,Dr.Niranjana,Dr.Deepthi,Dr.Anitha , Nursing staffs,Paramedical staffs,Recptionists and all other hospital staffs
Thank you for your generous gift! Words cannot express the joy that parenthood has brought to our lives. Every moment with our daughter is precious.
Thank you for helping to make our dreams come true. We will be forever grateful.

Anu Raj

I have been a patient of this wonderful hospital since 2018 and the entire team is welcoming and supportive- always willing to accommodate. Of course words cannot describe the immense gratitude I have to Dr. Jayakrishnan sir for his efforts and his immense dedication in helping us and countless others achieve their dreams of starting families. My prayers remain with him and the team as they persevere day in and day out and strive to help many more. God bless !!

Aachi Sreekumar


This couple, very graciously agreed to have their picture taken by us soon after the birth of their baby girl. Being married for over 15 years, and after countless treatment at multiple centers, all over Kerala, their joy knew no bounds, when they conceived following treatment for infertility at KJK Hospital. The birth of their baby, was a celebration in their home and community!

Babies born through IUI

Deepthi and Anoop have happily shared the photo of their twin babies. Deepthi delivered a healthy boy and a girl on January 25th this year. This couple had been married for 10 years but without a child. When they understood that it is difficult for them to conceive naturally, they decided to take professional medical help. They tried many infertility centres across kerala but without any success. Finally, through a family friend they came to know about KJK Hospital, Trivandrum. They visited us presenting their problem. On understanding their condition, we counseled them to try IUI initially and if there is no success with IUI they can try IVF. The reason for recommending IUI initially was because it comparatively was very cost-effective and, in many instances,, has given positive result in our center.  They were lucky to get success with IUI itself.

Mr and Mrs Rajan (name changed), came to KJK Hospital, after having countless treatments at various fertility centres, all over Kerala. The couple who had been married for 20 years, conceived through IVF at our centre. This was a very happy moment for all of us at the Reproductive Medicine Department at KJK, because they were advised adoption as the last resort following multiple failed treatments, at other fertility centres.

They were more than happy to share pictures of their small happy family, following the arrival of their twin bundle of joys, in February 2018, at KJK Hospital.

We wish the happy parents, a joyous parenthood!