Sherly and Jobon


Shally K











Rachel Testimonial

Gifty Anubright

Mr and Mrs Kumar

Mr and Mrs Kumar

Mr and Mrs Kumar

Sakhija and Binu

Sakhija and Binu

Deepa and Anish

Deepa and Anish

Vishnupriya & Arun

vishnu priya and arun

Raji Arun

Kjk hospital is such a peaceful friendly and calm atmosphere .I had good experience every time I was there for treatments . The most important thing which I should specifically say is the nurses at the operation room. They are so caring and treated each and every patient with good love and care. The lab staffs are also really good . Hospital rooms were clean and spacious,specially the anex building was really good . Overall I had a really good experience . This hospital has changed my life . Thanks a lot to Dr Jayakrishnan .
Thanks Raji Arun

Nitya Surendran


Deera & Renjith


Adarsh & Nikhila

"The uniqueness of KJK hospital is the warmth that everyone who walks into this hospital feels. The entire staff is so patient-friendly that we do not get the feel of going to a hospital at all, as you are greeted by friendly faces everywhere. Dr.  Jayakrishnan's expertise in identifying the real issues related to maternity is unmatched. We had visited KJK after going to 2 major hospitals in TVM and 1 in Chennai supposed to have world class facilities but its in KJK that we could figure out the issue. That was the reason why we decided to have the delivery in KJK itself even though the conception was natural. At a time when gynecs in major hospitals don't even bother to look at you and speak during a consultation, KJK has very friendly gynecs like Dr. Niranjana who personally attends phone calls of patients to clarify any doubts they have. KJK is that one hospital we will always be happy to recommend to all our friends and relatives because we are 100% sure that they will be treated well there!" - Adarsh & Nikhila
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