• Ovulation Induction and Cycle Monitoring
  • Male Infertility Treatment
  • Intra Uterine Insemination
  • In Vitro Fertilization
  • Natural Cycle In Vitro Fertilization
  • Minimal Stimulation In Vitro Fertilization
  • Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
  • Intra cytoplasmic Morphologically
    selected sperm injection
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Blastocyst Culture
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Microsurgical sperm aspiration (PESA, MESA, TESA)
  • Gamete Intrafallopian tube transfer (GIFT)
  • Embryo Freezing and Thawing (Vitrification)
  • Egg, Sperm, Embryo Donation
  • Testicular Biopsy
  • Egg and Sperm Freezing
  • Sperm Quality Assay
  • Endometrial Receptivity Array

There comes a point in all in life when everyone wants to slow down and settle for a family life. And that means a home, spouse and a beautiful kid or two. However, for some, having children naturally…

Diagnostic and Operative
  • Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
  • Lap Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy
  • Laparosopic Adenomyomectomy
  • Laparoscopic Myomectomy
  • Laparoscopic Abdominal Encerclage
  • Laparoscopic Sterilization
  • Laparoscopy for Uterine Prolapse
  • Laparoscopic Recanalization
  • Laparoscopic Cystectomy/ Oophorectomy
  • Laparoscopic Salpingectomy
  • Laparoscopic PCO puncturing
  • Hysteroscopic Myomectomy
  • Septal Resection
  • Hysteroscopic Tubal Cannulation for tubal block
  • Endometrial Ablation
  • Pre-pregnancy counselling
  • Complete Antenatal Care
  • High risk pregnancy care
  • Cervical encirclage
  • Normal delivery
  • Continuous electronic fetal monitoring  during delivery
  • Painless delivery – epidural analgesia
  • Forceps / vaccum delivery
  • Cesarean section
  • Postnatal care and exercise
  • Pap smear screening for cervical cancer with HPV screening
  • Breast examination
  • Adolescent gynaec problem, counselling & treatment
  • D & C
  • Marsupialisation for Bartholins cyst
  • Family planning services : contraception counselling (Pills, Copper – T, Injectables)
  • Copper-T insertion
  • Laparoscopic tubal sterilization
  • Abdominal & vaginal hysterectomy, pelvic floor repair
  • Adenomyomectomy
  • TOT tape for stress urinary incontinence
  • Menopausal  & perimenopausal discomforts,
  • Counselling and Management
  • Level 3 NICU equipped with warmers, monitors,perfusors  infusiomets, etc.,
  • Management of Jaundice – phototherapy, exchange transfusion
  • Dedicated room for kangaroo-mother care (KMC)
  • Universal metabolic screening, universal bilirubin screening, universal hearing screening
  • ROP screening
  • Neurosonogram
  • Vaccinations including optional ones

2D, 3D, 4D Obstetric and Gynecological Ultrasound, Colour Doppler, Male Doppler

Diabetology and Endocrinology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology

Diabetology and Endocrinology Clinic– Wednesday and Friday Evenings, 4pm to 6pm

Adolescent Clinic-Monday,Wednesday and Friday Evenings, from 4pm to 7 pm

Reproductive Health Clinic– All days of the week, from 9am to 6pm

Special Consultation by Dr Jayakrishnan – Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 4 pm to 7pm

Post Menopausal Clinic– Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, from 4pm to 7pm

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