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Childbirth Classes

Giving birth to a child is a beautiful phenomenon. It is very common for moms-to-be to be a little scared and overwhelmed close to the due date. Along with the regular checkups and advice from your favourite doctors, it is also ideal to strengthen and prepare your body for the expected childbirth. To make this possible, KJK Hospital is now catering to its patients with exclusive childbirth classes for all the expectant women.

Childbirth Classes at KJK Hospital – An Insight

The childbirth classes are created with the intention of making the entire pregnancy period as comfortable as possible for the new mothers. As beautiful as it is, the pregnancy period can be quite troublesome as a woman’s body goes through different stages of hormonal changes. Childbirth classes at KJK Hospital are an excellent way to power through the pregnancy journey and help you have a smooth delivery.

Here’s how the classes are planned out:

  • The classes will be in total of 12 hours, which will be planning out in a number of days. The classes will be conducted by an international instructor.
  • The classes will be focused on giving you tips for the mom-to-be on how to relax, positioning, massaging and breathing . The partner will be given information on how to be a good labour-support. Therefore, this workshop will require the couple to attend together.
  • The class strength is strictly low and will only have around 10–12 couples at a time.

child birth classes

Curriculum of the Childbirth Classes

  • The curriculum will mainly focus on showcasing birth as a very natural process and will also help the couple make informed decisions and embrace parenthood.
  • The parents-to-be are given a thorough understanding of the labour, childbirth, and early postpartum periods. The mothers need equal care from their partners as much as the baby does. The classes also provide an in-depth understanding of how to breastfeed and how to slowly adjust to the process of parenthood.
  • The curriculum also supports understanding the importance of elements like medication, a healthy lifestyle, etc. during the entire journey of pregnancy.
  • There is a dedicated window for asking questions regarding any of the curriculum-related topics.

Why choose KJK Hospital?

We have been providing maternity and fertility services for over 23 years. KJK Hospital provides their patients with a team of the best gynaecologists in Trivandrum, high-end infrastructure, highly skilled nurses, and other personnel who ensure maximum comfort and a friendly environment. Our natural experience in reproductive medicine is an added benefit to choosing KJK for all maternity needs. These classes offered by us can intentionally provide a lot of information for both parents about how to come around and support each other during the pregnancy phase. The lamaze classes can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and help you be prepared for the due date.

Make an appointment with us so that we can ensure your slot. Call us to make this period of your life the most beautiful and comfortable one.