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cosmetic-gynecologyRegain your confidence, and improve the physical appearance and functioning of the vagina and labia through the cosmetic gynaecology offered at KJK Hospital. Childbirth should not prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest.

At KJK, we offer exclusive cosmetic gynaecology treatment to get the same pleasing and attractive body as before.

Consult our specialist in cosmetic and aesthetic gynaecology today and start a new life.

KJK, our cosmetic gynaecology clinic in Trivandrum provides all types of advanced treatment, just tailored for you. The treatment would be decided based on your needs, consult with our cosmetic gynaecologist. Do not sacrifice your sexual life. Improve your sexual activities without any limitations.

Cosmetic Gynaecology Treatments in Kerala

At KJK Hospital, we offer a wide range of cosmetic gynaecology treatments. Providing advanced cosmetic gynaecology treatment in Kerala, our services include:

  • Mommy Makeover

Look and feel beautiful, irrespective of your age or body condition. Your physical condition should not hinder your right to enjoy life. It is okay for the body to undergo changes during pregnancy. We suggest you get rid of the marks and unnecessary fat through a mommy makeover at our cosmetic gynaecology clinic in Trivandrum. Revive the appearance by removing all the evidence of pregnancy. Boost your confidence by claiming a beautiful body and looks. Our specialist team proposes vaginal correction, Panniculectomy, Cryolipolysis and other aesthetic gynaecological services for removing excess fat, trimming the skin, and creating an impressive appearance.

  • Labioplasty

Correct the labia minora and labia majora to give them a new look, removing the deformities. One of the highly demanded procedures in cosmetic gynaecology, you need an expert cosmetic and aesthetic gynaecologist to perform it perfectly. Our specialist team would render a fully advanced treatment to remove all the labial deformities. To make it visually impressive.

  • Perineoplasty

Do not forego your sexual pleasures by presuming that you are aged or have become a mother. It is quite normal to have a loose perineum or vagina. Never make the mistake of leaving it like that and missing the sexual pleasure. Visit the cosmetic gynaecology clinic at KJK hospital for correcting the damages and issues to the vagina and perineal muscles.

  • Hymenoplasty

Girls and women are worried about broken hymens due to vigorous physical activities, exercises, cycling, etc. Forget such worries. Fix your hymen through a simple cosmetic gynaecology process at our hospital. Hymenoplasty, under the expert guidance of specialists, would reconstruct the hymen.

  • Vaginoplasty

 Construct or repair the vagina through advanced vaginoplasty treatment at KJK Hospital. We can help you with treatments to repair a damaged vagina due to childbirth, medical issues with the vagina, and problems that affect your sexual life.

  • Vaginismus Treatment

 A specialised treatment for vaginismus that helps in effectively overcoming the issue. Different clinics or hospitals will suggest different treatment procedures for vaginismus. We can assure you of the most effective treatment for the issues, as proven by the experience we have in eliminating the problem.

  • Stretch Mark Treatment

 Are stretch marks post-childbirth concerning you? Visit our cosmetic gynaecology department today. We have been providing effective treatment for removing stretch marks, including laser treatments. Remove stretch marks and wear any dress confidently. Visit the KJK Hospital cosmetic gynaecology clinic to commence the stretch mark treatment today.

You may visit our cosmetic gynaecology clinic in Trivandrum for expert advice, as well as, innovative cosmetic and aesthetic gynaecology treatments.

Doctors Panel

Dr. Niranjana Jayakrishnan MD DNB

Dr Niranjana is a senior consultant in infertility and laparoscopic surgery. She obtained a fellowship in cosmetic and aesthetic gynaecology and has been providing advanced cosmetic gynaecology treatments at KJK Hospital. The testimonials from happy clients stand as proof of her knowledge and efficiency.

Why Choose KJK Hospital for Cosmetic Gynaecology in Trivandrum?

KJK Hospital and Fertility Centre have been serving clients proudly for more than two decades. The happy faces of newborn parents have been the driving force behind our successful journey. We have established a name for ourselves in the childbirth and fertility arenas by providing advanced medical care through state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, innovative treatment procedures, and effective methods that deliver results.

Note that not all fertility centres are the same. The experience, knowledge, and scientific ability of specialised doctors matter more than anything else. The fertility and gynaecology centre that you choose has a key role in boosting the chances of conceiving.

We have been serving clients from India and abroad since the beginning. Establishing a phenomenally high success rate, we created credibility and reputation. We are at the service of hopeful couples and individuals 24×7.  

Our cosmetic gynaecology team, under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Niranjana Jayakrishnan, has been generating waves by delivering hope to numerous clients around. The advanced cosmetic aesthetic gynaecology treatment has been successful in eliminating the sexual impediments faced by many.

You can regain your lost confidence by correcting the deformations and defects due to childbirth or ageing. You should live an unsatisfied sexual life, just due to vaginal issues that may be affecting you psychologically or physically. Trust our expert doctor, supported by a proficient medical team. We understand you better than anybody else does and we believe it is our responsibility to present you with all the joys of life.

KJK Hospital and Fertility Centre have a futuristic cosmetic gynaecology department, functioning for the sole purpose of revitalising your sexual life. Besides this, we have departments of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Laparoscopy Surgery, Paediatrics, Fetal Medicine, Neonatology, Urology and Diagnostic Imaging.

Give us a call now to schedule an appointment with our specialist to get the best cosmetic gynaecology treatment in Kerala.