Reviews from Fellowship Trainees - KJK Hospital

Reviews from Fellowship Trainees

KJK Hospital Fertility Research and Gynaec Centre , is a complete women’s wellness centre . We can say it as a one stop centre for women’s health . I did 1 year fellowship in Reproductive Medicine and in this 1 year I have not only learnt infertility management, I have grown as a whole as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and also as a human being ..

Really hats off to Dr JK Sir for maintaining such a strong and organised administration and discipline in hospital , and off course Dr Niranjana Mam playing a very important role in that . She is always there for any need in either related to hospital or patient or any staff.

With such a well co ordinated system , it becomes very easier for us to work and also for the patients to get treatment. With Dr Anitha Mam co ordinating with all patients personally it becomes very comfortable for the patients to discuss any doubts . Dr Deepti Mam and Dr Bindu Mam are really very good at dealing high risk patients with their healing smile always on their face .. And definitely a good team of junior consultants under the guidance of all our seniors makes the care of the women more efficient .

Talking about academics, I feel very proud of being a fellow from KJK Hospital . Dr JK Sir is not only a very good doctor but also a very great teacher .. Everytime he will keep telling about what is being done , why and how .. Very strict about classes , every Saturday and Monday , and he used to always present personally .. In this COVID times , despite so much ups and downs not a single Monday or Saturday was spared , even we did classes on zoom too. Now I feel so good as I feel I learnt a lot , as for those classes for each presentation I had to go through many papers ( as Sir always liked and encouraged to make presentations from latest studies , papers and recommendations and not just from a book ).

During my study duration I just not only learnt Infertility , but also had a lot of exposure of laparoscopic surgeries and got hands on in laparoscopy too , which I feel I would not have got if I had done my fellowship at any other place. Sir is an excellent Laparoscopic Surgeon and he really does justice to patient . He does a very ethical practice . And we learn what we see .I am really thankful to Dr Niranjana Mam and Dr Anitha Mam for giving lots of hands of learning and moral support and confidence .Not to forget the tips and friendly advise on any case by Dr Ashwin Sir . The academic classes by Dr Deepti Mam really enriched me . Despite myself being prepared from many papers and guidelines, I always got to learn something new from her or understanding in the way what I had not thought of ..

It will be totally unjustifiable if I don’t mention the team of staff nurse , OT team and embryology lab team who always supported me in many ways even with my tooti footi language.. Especially in my initial days , they were a great support.

Overall it was a great learning experience. But I have a complaint with Sir . Sir , you are such a great laparoscopic surgeon . Please start fellowship in laparoscopy too . Had there been fellowship in laparoscopy too , I would have loved to do that . Now with Dr Niranjana Mam , Dr Ashwin Sir by your side Sir , that too is definitely possible . Hoping to hear that news soon ..

Thank you Sir and team …

I have done my fellowship in Reproductive Medicine in KJK Hospital from Oct 2018 – 2019.

At KJK hospital, they have a very holistic approach to fellowship training program and fellows take part in every aspect of infertility treatment whether it is a simple history taking or taking decisions on the appropriate regimen for an IVF cycle.

There is hands on training in ovum pickup, embryo transfer and hysteroscopy. Further, there is hands on training in basic laparoscopy and gynaec ultrasound apart from follicular monitoring.

Most importantly Dr Kjk and Dr Niranjana are very experienced in fellowship training and extremely supportive of the students and their needs. A special mention of Dr Niranjana maam who has taught me a lot on ovum pickups and embryo transfers and has been very encouraging to me.

There is absolute transparency in their approach with regular theory classes and lots of encouragement to participate in academic programs and to publish papers in journals. Also, there are separate classes on embryology and andrology.

Special mention has to be made about Dr Ashwin and Dr Deepti who are helpful to fellows in all their academic endeavors.

There is a state of the art embryology lab with experienced embryologists who are very patient in teaching the fellows. IVF procedures no matter how many times you ask the same doubt, so a special thanks to Mr Kalam and Mr Sanal.

Another laudable aspect is that there are no labour room duties for fellows pursuing a course in infertility.

All in all, once you do a fellowship in KJK Hospital, you are fully trained, prepared and equipped to start your own infertility center .

Dr Abirami
(Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine October 2018 – October 2019)

I did my 1-year fellowship program in reproductive medicine from KJK hospital from Sep 2018 to Sep 2019. This fellowship program was immensely informative for me with strong academic and clinical impetus. The course affords hands on training in laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, ultrasound scan and ovum retrieval, along with direct supervision for individualized protocol in treating infertility and also in clinics. There is a strong academic background with lectures especially in andrology and embryology, support for local/national/international paper presentations. I found this year to be a steep learning curve for me. The knowledge and experience gained will stand me in good stead for my future career. I highly recommend this course for those who are interested in reproductive medicine.

Dr Anju Kamalasana
(Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, September 2018 to September 2019)