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Dear Doctor, Team KJK,
I am a proud patient of KJK (40817), and wanted to convey my heartfelt thanks and obligation to Dr. Jayakrishnan and the entire team at KJK, as we have been blessed with a baby girl on July 08, 2020. Apologies for the long mail below, but I just wanted to put this down in detail.
We had visited KJK for the first time on May1, 2019 with infertility problems. We are natives of Alleppey and KJK was the second hospital we consulted for the same, first being a renowned hospital at Alleppey where we were suggested to have IVF done.
We came to know of KJK through word-of-mouth.
The moment we walked into the KJK reception for the first time, we felt that positivity - this is no exaggeration, I who was a bit depressed all that while (as the problem was mine) had told this to my wife the same day. We were received by smiling faces all over - be it the madams at the reception, be it the doctor we met (Dr. Revathy Panicker), all of them were so very humane and kind to us.
From our next visit we were referred to Dr. Jayakrishnan. The light smile on his face and the low tone of his voice was so much for increasing our hopes. We would have visited him atleast 5-6 times, each time before entering the consultation room, I was assuming him to be suggesting an IVF, but I felt he was more confident than I was about me. He kept giving me medicines and suggesting general medicines each time which solved the problem of our life. We have followed every word and letter that came out of him without even a little deviation. We have never seen him in a hurry or rush - we have even once seen him in the consultation room in the OT outfit - he might have just come out of a surgery or he has to go for one, but even on that day he was just the same.
Another awe factor is the memory power of the staff. The madams at the reception, billing etc. had started identifying us and yeah, with that always flashing smile of theirs, when they ask us how we are doing, the happiness we get is not so small. This is the way they interact with all the patients, I am still awe-struck when the madam at the billing told me, "Yeah I remember that your card works on Wi-Fi", how many patients would be flowing in there daily and to register all their faces is no minor thing.
Zero wait time is the best part here at KJK, even if we have to wait that usual, then comes a madam who asks us what are we there for and lets us know the reason for the wait.
The day we knew that we succeeded in the battle, we rushed to KJK. See the coincidence there, we were meeting Dr. Revathy (the same doctor we met on our first day at KJK). She could have taken all the credit to the hospital, which is a fact too, but she just said with the same smile "God is so great, isn't He?". We met Dr. KJK the next time thinking to see a very happy face, but he was more than normal, yeah we know this was just one of the thousands of successes he had.
Not to miss Dr. Bindu Balakrishnan, who we consulted after conceiving - she never made us miss Dr. KJK. Every review, we were there with a lot of anxiety and tensions, but the confidence on her face just kept us in high spirits.
Our plans were to have the delivery at KJK itself even though it would be tough for our parents to accompany us there. But we couldn't think of another hospital at all. All our plans upturned with the start of lock-down, we got stuck at Alleppey and the day we called reception to inform that we will miss the next review, they went a step higher to give us the Doctor's number.
All the rest we underwent at a hospital at Alleppey (viz. Kinder) where the service was good as well, but we missed KJK each moment.
We, our parents and people who know our case continue to spread the word-of-mouth for the benefit of all who we know are sad about not having a little one. Keeping you all in our daily prayers.
Yours Sincerely,
Ajayan and Ashna
Pat No : 40817

Sherly and Jobon


Shally K











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Mr and Mrs Kumar

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Sakhija and Binu

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Deepa and Anish

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vishnu priya and arun

Raji Arun

Kjk hospital is such a peaceful friendly and calm atmosphere .I had good experience every time I was there for treatments . The most important thing which I should specifically say is the nurses at the operation room. They are so caring and treated each and every patient with good love and care. The lab staffs are also really good . Hospital rooms were clean and spacious,specially the anex building was really good . Overall I had a really good experience . This hospital has changed my life . Thanks a lot to Dr Jayakrishnan .
Thanks Raji Arun

Nitya Surendran


Deera & Renjith


Adarsh & Nikhila

"The uniqueness of KJK hospital is the warmth that everyone who walks into this hospital feels. The entire staff is so patient-friendly that we do not get the feel of going to a hospital at all, as you are greeted by friendly faces everywhere. Dr.  Jayakrishnan's expertise in identifying the real issues related to maternity is unmatched. We had visited KJK after going to 2 major hospitals in TVM and 1 in Chennai supposed to have world class facilities but its in KJK that we could figure out the issue. That was the reason why we decided to have the delivery in KJK itself even though the conception was natural. At a time when gynecs in major hospitals don't even bother to look at you and speak during a consultation, KJK has very friendly gynecs like Dr. Niranjana who personally attends phone calls of patients to clarify any doubts they have. KJK is that one hospital we will always be happy to recommend to all our friends and relatives because we are 100% sure that they will be treated well there!" - Adarsh & Nikhila

Parvathy Prakash M