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KJK Hospital has been providing exemplary maternity services in the past few years and has been constantly striving to work on bringing the dream of being parents to every couple. The state-of-the-art infrastructure doesn’t limit itself to fertility services but also extends to taking care of delivery and newborn care as well. We have a team of experienced neonatologists at KJK to treat your newborn baby with the utmost care

The neonatology department at KJK Hospital is an expert wing dedicated to the care of newborn babies. The department has equipment and facilities to look after the babies if they are born prematurely and need the assistance of different outside support to sustain their lives in the meantime. KJK Hospital has a team of the best neonatologists in Trivandrum and experienced neonatology healthcare professionals who can ensure the best possible outcome for these preterm babies.

Facilities offered at our Neonatology Department and NICU

In the heart of the neonatology department at KJK lies the NICU, or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This unit in the neonatology department provides round-the-clock care for critically ill babies. At NICU, we have the best neonatologists in Trivandrum and other healthcare professionals like neonatal nurses, respiratory therapists, and other medical experts who are trained to deal with newborns who are fighting for their lives.

The neonatology department does provide the physical care they need by giving them the right medicines and mechanical support to sustain life. The babies will also require extensive emotional support and nurturing that will help them recover easily. The neonatology department also allows parents to be present in the NICU, especially mothers, to feed and give warmth, which will help the baby respond well to medicines and also give the baby the strength to overcome the physical condition. The neonatal nurses also help the parents understand and process what is going on in the NICU and give them emotional support. Updates on the baby’s vital signs are also effectively communicated to the parents at regular intervals. 

 Other therapies are also involved in the process of helping the baby’s growth and development. Surfactant therapy is a treatment that helps premature babies with their respiratory distress symptoms and helps them breathe more easily. Phototherapy is another treatment that is used to treat jaundice in newborn babies. 

The neonatology department of KJK Hospital is also investing in research to bring up more treatment procedures that will help improve the survival rate for the babies in the NICU. KJK Hospital can be called as the best NICU Hospital in Trivandrum. In our neonatology department, we have the best neonatologists in Kerala and other healthcare professionals who are well-educated and trained in the care of premature and critically ill infants.

Isolation rooms are the next service given under the neonatal department. The reason why there are isolation rooms is for babies who are in severe conditions, and the chances for the spread of infection will be minimized.

Incubators are other pieces of equipment for keeping premature babies warm and protecting them from infections. It will help the babies maintain a stable facility. 

The first few days and even weeks may require a NICU to accommodate newborn babies. KJK Hospital provides the parents with family accommodations to help them stay close to their newborns. Breastfeeding support is also provided, as premature babies may not latch like full-term babies. The neonatal nurses will help them understand the process of breast pumping as well.

Why choose KJK Hospital?

Choosing KJK Hospital for your maternity hospital is the best way to ensure the safe delivery of your little ones. There are chances of babies being delivered before term, and such babies will require neonatal intensive care, which will be provided by the fully-equipped neonatal department of the KJK Hospital. The expert professionals of the neonatal department of KJK are available at the service of babies and parents round the clock. Being one of the best NICU Hospitals in Trivandrum, KJK Hospital provides comprehensive services in breastfeeding support, respiratory support, diagnostic testing, etc. There will be constant support from collaborative specialists like paediatricians, surgeons, and obstetricians, and coordinated care of newborns. Choose KJK Hospital to ensure the best health for your baby. For more information connect with us now!


What is the neonatology department?

A neonatology department is a hospital specialty that offers comprehensive care to newborns who are premature or critically ill.

Why is it important to choose a hospital with a neonatology department?

It is critical to choose a hospital with a neonatology department because these departments provide specialized care, advanced equipment, round-the-clock care, and comprehensive services that can help improve outcomes for newborns who require specialized medical attention.

What kind of healthcare professionals work in a neonatology department?

Healthcare professionals trained in the care of premature and critically ill newborns, such as neonatologists, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, and lactation consultants, staff neonatology departments.

What kinds of newborns require the care of a neonatology department?

Premature and critically ill newborns require specialised medical attention in neonatology departments due to conditions such as prematurity, respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis, and jaundice.

What does a neonatologist do?

The neonatologist provides comprehensive treatment for newborns and helps manage premature babies with life-threatening medical problems.