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Paediatrics is one of the most engaging departments here at KJK Hospital. Children’s health has become one of the biggest priorities of parents in these pandemic days. By choosing KJK Hospital for your kids, you are putting yourself in the hands of the best paediatric hospital in Trivandrum. The paediatric department at KJK Hospital is primarily concerned with a person’s overall development from childhood to adolescence. The best paediatric hospital in Trivandrum focuses on bringing in state-of-the art infrastructure and has the services of the best paediatric doctors in Trivandrum. The KJK Hospital also offers a 24*7  paediatric intensive care team that provides the best services to children and adolescents which makes them the best paediatric hospital in Kerala.

Having the best paediatric doctors in Trivandrum, KJK Hospital provides maximum services in areas that cater to all the needs of children, like general paediatric care, specialised newborn care, surgical services, therapeutic care, and emergency services.


Facilities offered in Paediatric Department

Our premium facilities make us the best paediatric hospital in Trivandrum, and we offer the following services for the best child care:

General Paediatric services

The general paediatric services offered by our paediatricians in Trivandrum include regular checkups for newborns through adolescents. Our panel of best paediatricians in Trivandrum also gives regular checkups to newlyborn babies, routine vaccinations, and other developmental assessments. 

Our doctors also make sure to give a detailed checkup to children with chronic ailments. Personalised care is embedded in all our services to make sure that the children’s needs are heard and diagnosed correctly.

Specialised Paediatric Services

In addition to general paediatric care, at KJK we also try to provide specialised services to meet the unique needs of children, in addition to general paediatric care.  The unique needs of children that are met here revolve around paediatric cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, and haematology/oncology.

We have the latest diagnostic services and equipment available to provide the most effective treatments for children. Our paediatric doctors at KJK Hospital work closely with the parents, giving them the right directions to take care of their child in the best way possible. 

Therapeutic Services

Audio and speech therapies are given to the children by the best pediatric doctors in Trivandrum. Also, services of occupational therapy and physical therapy are given to children to make them as comfortable as possible.

Surgical Services

KJK is said to be the best paediatric hospital in Trivandrum, where there is an exclusive panel of doctors who are equipped to treat children who come to us with minor to complex surgical needs. Our team of doctors includes experienced paediatric surgeons, nurses, and a good group of anesthesiologists. The hospital has the best equipment and procedures that will help with painless surgeries and that will help avoid scarring as much as possible. 

Emergency Care

Our hospital works around the clock, and our brilliant team of the best paediatricians in Trivandrum is available for your service. Our doctors are trained to provide emergency care for the little ones. In addition, we have a well-trained and experienced PICU (paediatric intensive care unit) with advanced monitoring systems and life supports. 

Doctors panel

Dr. Madhu K.V., Chief Consultant for Paediatrics and Neonatology

Why choose KJK Hospital?

Choosing the right paediatric hospital in Trivandrum with the best paediatric doctors is indeed necessary to make sure that your children are in the right hands. We, at KJK Hospital, try to bring to the table the most experienced and skilled panel of healthcare professionals who have been working in the field for a good amount of time and have knowledge of the latest medical updates in the paediatric field.

We are committed to providing compassionate and personalised care for our young patients. 

To provide your child with the best paediatric care services, look no further. Come to KJK Hospital, where we care for them like our own. 


What kind of services are offered by the paediatric department of KJK Hospital?

The paediatric departments of KJK Hospital offer a wide range of services, including general paediatric care, specialised paediatric services, diagnostic and therapeutic services, surgical services, and emergency care.

What is a PICU?

A paediatric intensive care unit, or PICU, is a specialized unit within the hospital that takes care of critically ill children.

Do I need to book an appointment at KJK Hospital?

Having an appointment is technically an ideal option so that you will be called at the right time. We also appreciate walk-ins, but the waiting period will be much longer.

How do I schedule an appointment with the KJK Hospital Paediatric Department?

You can make an appointment by calling the contact number listed on the website.