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How to Prepare for A Healthy Pregnancy After Miscarriage?

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Miscarriage is a very difficult phase that happens to an expectant mother. There might be many reasons as to why miscarriage happens; it can be because of a pre-existing medical condition, an unexpected fall, or even for reasons that may not even be explained. Miscarriage takes a mental toll on the woman’s body, and she might be more anxious and depressed than ever. But, above all that, she might be facing the question of whether or not she will be able to conceive again. This is a very valid question, and we try to answer the question in the best possible way. Read on to find out more about how to prepare for a healthy pregnancy after a miscarriage.

  1. Wait before trying again for pregnancy

Miscarriage is not an easy phase to glide through. It shatters an expectant mother’s dreams of holding her baby, and the loss can take a lot of time to process the grief and anxiety caused by it. After the miscarriage, it takes some time to keep up with self-care and self-love. The body will take time to heal, and once it comes back to normal, you can start trying for a baby again. The doctor will suggest trying for pregnancy from the next menstrual cycle onward. In some people it may take some time to have regular periods after miscarriage. Also, HCG levels might also be quite high during this time and cause false positives.

Consult with doctor2. Don’t hurry, take your time to get physically and mentally better

Coping with loss by conceiving right after is not a good idea. Enough rest is needed both mentally and physically before trying again. There needs to be enough time to process the grief.

Seeking the help of a therapist can help you process the pain, or even a good talk with family and friends can be helpful. It is also fitting to have control over fear and anxiety before conceiving again.

3. Detect underlying causes

As discussed before, there might be many different reasons for miscarriage. To make sure that there is a successful pregnancy after miscarriage, it is necessary to assure that there are no complications or underlying issues that are causing the miscarriage. At KJK Hospital, we suggest the patient undergo some tests and scans to determine the cause of the miscarriage. 

Some of the reasons for miscarriage can be:

  • Structural deformities of the uterus
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Obesity or underweight
  • Hormonal imbalances that cause PCOD or PCOS.
  • Thyroid problems
  • Endometriosis
  • Any kind of sexually transmitted disease
  • Some infections in the uterus or vagina
  • Any kind of microbial infection.

4. Control your diabetes

Diabetes can act as quite a villain when it comes to miscarriages. Sudden spikes in blood sugar levels can cause miscarriage. It is one of the most common causes of miscarriage. Checking the blood sugar levels frequently can help figure out the current status of those levels. Trying to conceive should be done only after normalizing the level of blood sugar in the body. It might take some time to regulate these levels, but it is very important for the healthy delivery of a baby, as high blood sugar levels can actually cause abnormal birth defects in the baby. KJK Hospital has the best doctors who will help you control your diabetes in no time.

5. Maintain a Well-Balanced Diet and a Healthy weight

 A healthy lifestyle is now a necessity to avoid unfortunate events like miscarriage. Drinking and hydrating the body is also necessary to prepare the body for conception. Being overweight or underweight can also technically work against you when you are planning a pregnancy after the miscarriage. Exercising regularly with any type of exercise can help maintain the body and give you the strength to carry a full-term pregnancy. Do not go for intense exercises after miscarriage, and it will be better to take part in exercises or physical activities that involve gentle yoga and meditation.

6. Take prenatal vitamins and additional supplements

Even after taking up the right diet and exercising regularly, the body might be deficient in many nutrients. In this case, consulting the gynecologist will be ideal, as they will suggest the necessary supplements and vitamins that need to be taken to help the mom be prepared to carry a full-term baby. It can help lower the chances of miscarriage and pregnancy complications.

 7. Quit Smoking and Drinking

If you are someone who consumes alcohol and cigarettes, then it will be ideal to avoid them completely if you are trying for a baby. Smoking and alcohol consumption have adverse effects on the baby and become the reason for miscarriage. Alcohol and smoking also affect your chances of conception, so it is ideal to stop the habit completely for your and your baby’s health. The smoking habit has to be refrained from by the father as well, because passive smoking is far more dangerous to the mother and the child. 

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