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How to Increase Sperm Motility Naturally

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How to Increase Sperm Motility Naturally

Are you trying to conceive but can’t seem to get pregnant? Perhaps your partner has low sperm motility. In this case, increasing sperm motility may help you get pregnant more quickly. Sperm motility measures how well your sperm swim and how quickly they swim. If your partner’s sperm isn’t swimming fast enough, it can make conceiving a baby more difficult for you. If you or your partner have low sperm motility, some things may help increase it. Let us see how to Increase sperm motility naturally. There is no magic trick or quick-fix solution to raising your sperm’s mobility, but there are a few things you can try to give your chances of conception a boost.

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1) Quit Smoking

It is well known that smoking has many degenerative effects on the body, but the most substantial negative effect is on the number and health of sperms. Several constituents of tobacco negatively affect sperm production and affect everything. It encompasses not only sperm count and motility but also the shape of the sperm, which has been biologically designed to travel more rapidly and easily to the egg. During long-term smoking, the DNA constitution of sperm is affected, resulting in malformations in a foetus if the sperm fertilizes the egg. There’s good news if you think the damage has already been done. Once smoking is stopped, sperm health rapidly improves, and the new sperm are healthy and ready to reproduce.

2) Eating a healthier diet

A healthy diet can solve the majority of problems that we face in our lives. But rarely are those principles followed. In the same way, certain foods can help treat heart disease or diabetes, and specific foods can increase sperm motility. Many foods contain a large number of antioxidants, including those that are naturally occurring and those that are processed. In terms of improving sperm motility, linolenic acid is quite beneficial. Many foods are rich in antioxidants, such as eggs, spinach, bananas, broccoli, pomegranates, carrots, and even dark chocolate.

3) Avoid using chemicals or plastic cookware

The increasing number of cases of loss of sperm motility being reported by doctors around the world surprises them. There have been suggestions that chemical-based products and plastic utensils are to blame for this. Despite its strange-sounding nature, some aspects of plastic cookware can reduce sperm motility because they contain various chemicals and constituents. There are also nitrates in non-stick cookware and flame retardants, pesticides, GMOs, and BPA and flame retardants. These can’t be completely eliminated from the diet, but they can certainly be reduced. You can achieve this by choosing organic products over conventional ones. 


4) Avoid excessive alcohol consumption

These days, men drink a lot more alcohol than in the past because casual drinking has become the norm. The development of sperm can be directly affected by consistent drinking for a week. According to research, drinking five beers a week or even slightly less than that can reduce the motility and count of sperm. Drinking less will improve your sperm count, but there is no specific number of drinks you should consume.

5) Get a good night’s sleep

One method to increase sperm motility naturally is to use your bed to conceive. Nevertheless, the bed is also essential for making sure the sperm are mobile enough to fertilize the egg in the first place. When you are sleeping, your body is doing the most work. The body undergoes a great deal of repair, the brain assembles all the information it has gathered, and even your sperm production is at its peak. Several studies have found that men have a higher chance of producing good sperm if they sleep for an extended period of time, typically 8 to 10 hours. As a result of the increase in testosterone production during sleep in a male body, sperm production is boosted. It is estimated that one good hour of sleep can significantly increase testosterone levels, which has a direct effect on the health of sperm.

6) Sperms like cool things

It is your body’s job to keep all your vital organs at the right temperature by regulating the temperature. The surrounding temperature governs the well-being of the testicles, which are located outside the body. Temperatures between the testicles and the body should be a couple of degrees cooler for optimal sperm production. For this reason, biology designed the scrotum to hang outside. It is possible that sperm life will be hindered if you frequently wear tight underwear or pants, pushing the sac up against your body, and exposing them to body heat. The same effect can be obtained from keeping warm laptops on your lap for long periods or opting to soak in hot bathtubs for a prolonged period. Don’t forget to wear loose boxers and comfortable pants whenever you can, especially at home. Cold showers will also increase their motility if you take them rather than hot ones.


When their sperm count and motility are reduced, men may feel quite emasculated. As long as you maintain a healthy diet and make some small lifestyle changes, you will not have to worry about sperm motility getting slowed down. There are several effective male infertility hospitals in Kerala. It is essential to discuss your fertility options with your doctor and reproductive healthcare advisor. Our specialist team of doctors, with years of experience in male infertility cases, can help you decide which restorative option is appropriate. For male infertility treatment in Trivandrum, contact KJK Hospital. In conclusion, only a healthy father can produce a healthy child; for that to happen, your sperm must also be healthy.

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