How to Increase Your Chances of IVF Success? 8 Ways to Increase Your Chances of IVF Success

How to Increase Your Chances of IVF Success?

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In vitro fertilisation (IVF) has been a blessing for millions of couples around the world. It opened up the possibility of becoming parents for those suffering from reproductive issues due to medical and physical conditions. IVF is one of the most successful reproduction methods, wherein the sperm and egg are combined outside of the human body.

The Stages of IVF Treatment

In IVF, the egg extracted from the woman to be a mother is fertilised in an embryology lab. The egg can also be from an egg donor, in the case of problems with the egg of the woman. Similarly, sperm can also be obtained from a sperm donor in specific scenarios.

After fertilization, the embryo is implanted in the uterus. The experience of the medical expert is important for implanting the embryo successfully. A successful implantation leads to pregnancy. At times, it needs more than one IVF cycle for a successful pregnancy. An in vitro fertilisation cycle normally takes about three weeks.

IVF is such an intricate medical activity that it has seven stages in total. The stages of IVF are:

Stage 1: Preparation – You must be completely prepared for IVF treatment and pregnancy. Our medical team would examine you and suggest necessary medications, lifestyle changes, and dietary regulations. Those who have irregular menstrual cycles will be given additional medications to help them become regular. We would suggest starting IVF when you are healthy and prepared.

Stage 2 – Commencement of IVF – The IVF treatment cycle begins on the first day of your menstrual cycle. Properly monitored by our medical team, Day 1 of your IVF cycle is registered in our system for calculating further medical processes.

Stage 3 – Ovarian Stimulation Process – Our specialist doctor would prescribe specific medication between day 3 and day 12. This is for stimulating the ovaries to release eggs.

Stage 4 – hCG Injection: You will be given an hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) injection 36 hours before egg retrieval. This is called “Trigger Injection.” The hormone injected activates the release of eggs, which would be retrieved by the doctor.

Stage 5 – Sperm Collection: Sperm would be collected from the spouse or sperm donor at the same time as the egg collection. The egg would be fertilised with sperm in the embryology lab. You will be injected with progesterone to prepare your uterus, reproductive system, and body for receiving the embryo.

Stage 6 – Implantation of Embryo: The embryo would be implanted in the uterus through a non-invasive procedure within a week of fertilization. The day is noted as “Implantation Day” for subsequent calculations.

Stage 7 – Pregnancy Test: Around nine to twelve days after the implantation of the embryo, the pregnancy test is done.  A scan and blood test would confirm whether you have become pregnant.

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Things to Follow to Increase Your Chances of IVF Success

Your body must be ready to receive the embryo and nurture it. A healthy body and mind are essential for the success of IVF. The woman carrying the baby in her womb has to remain happy, calm, and healthy. Unwanted anxiety and an unhealthy diet can affect IVF treatment adversely. Furthermore, it can be harmful to the baby as well. So follow these tips to increase your chances of IVF success and having a relaxed pregnancy.

1. Keep a Healthy Weight

Obesity is the main villain of IVF treatment. You must lose weight and tone down to acceptable limits using healthy methods. Monitoring the ovaries during IVF is a difficult process in the case of overweight women. IVF treatment is not appropriate for anyone who is underweight or overweight.

2. Maintain a normal blood sugar level.

Increased blood sugar can impede IVF treatment. Pursue a healthy diet control procedure and maintain that the blood sugar level is normal. Increased blood sugar can be problematic during pregnancy as well.

3. Collaborate with a top-notch doctor and embryology laboratory.

The doctor and the embryology lab have undeniable roles in the success of IVF treatment. An experienced doctor with expertise in IVF would know how to proceed in the case of each patient. He or she would examine your body, your vitals, and your pregnancy concerns and prescribe the right treatment accordingly. A state-of-the-art embryology lab with advanced monitoring systems would increase the chances of fertilization optimally.

4. Reduce your stress levels

The higher the stress, the lower the chances of success. IVF treatment may fail if you are anxious or have too much stress in your family or workplace. Keep yourself away from them not only during the IVF cycle but also during the entire pregnancy period. To realise the dream of becoming a mother and having a healthy baby. Be calm and rely on us to give you the best results.

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5.     Supplements for IVF

Supplements can help improve egg quality and quantity. Our specialist doctor would suggest adequate supplements and multivitamins according to your body conditions to increase your chances of IVF success.

6.     Get Enough Sleep

Don’t work late at night. Sleep on a proper schedule and get enough sleep. Sleep rejuvenates the body and improves the chances of IVF success.

7.      Maintain Vitamin D Level in the Body

Inadequate levels of vitamin D can cause the failure of IVF treatment. Our doctors would examine the vitamin D level in your body and prescribe supplements. Don’t forget to take your vitamin D supplements as directed.

8.     Persistence and Patience are the Keys

Parenthood is a blessing as well as an achievement. Like any other great accomplishment, persistence and patience play a pivotal role here as well.  

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